About Us

Maria Berman is independent & individual clothing label presenting fresh & contemporary fashion garments.

We believe that a true design has an added value of emotional energy that crests a sense of belonging. Precious items of quality and style, with classical and historical correspondences are desired to be dressed and loved for timeless time.

The high-end soft tailored womens wear, has perfect fit and balance between soft approach and strong silhouettes.
Inspired by classic essence and contemporary influences the hand made garments are expressed in finishes, details and structure. Fine fabrics and innovation of traditional techniques, emphasizes the individuality and uniqueness of each garment and each wearer. It gives a playful choices of wordrobe.
To wear it from dusk till dawn.

Maria Berman is a Russian born and Israeli based fashion designer. . Born in the far east capital of Russia, Khabarowsk she moved to Israel in 91′ and lives and creates in Tel Aviv since. graduated fashion design Bdes at Shenkar College in 2005.
After graduating she worked in local industry for few years and in
2008 she established her eponymous brand. It was born out of her personal desire for unique timeless clothing that will fit
the great lifestyles and personalities of people around.