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Garments from various collections, made upon requested order online or offline. 


Clothing Therapy

Clothing Therapy Vs Shopping addiction. Therapy in creating a wear, ams in wearing it. It’s a step towards one greater self. Utilizing an existing language of self wear and self dress .Creating and living your own dream through wear. Psychology of the body, physiology of the garment. Healing of self spirit, through facing the shadow of self. Freeing oneself from emotional freeze and clothing deprivation.
Comes hand in hand with the connection between desire and courage, to manifest the inner self. The finale is manifestation.
Become aware to selfwear language you speak.

Feelings via clothing . How clothing we wear reflect of reject our state of mind and body. Garment is a window to the soul of the wearers, to his mind. Cloth to a certain feeling requested. Clothing therapy / CL therapy *

POETRY & clothing

my vision

my words

through garment 

of yours


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